The small cozy place is located at the 'Wilhelm-Swarovski-Observation point'. The name 'Kaiserstein' which means imperial-stone is coming from the visit of emperor Franz-Joseph I. and his wife Elisabeth (Sissi) in the year 1856. According to reports from back then the emperor took a rest on a stone nearby, therefor 'Kaiser's' stone.





Our Highlights:


Our restaurant offers a small fine choice of local dishes aswell as snacks, hot and cold drinks and pastry. Perfect place to relax after a small trail or just to overview the landscape from the patio. You can reach the 'Kaiserstein' by foot in a 10 minute walk from the Kaiser Franz-Josefs Höhe.


Opening Hours:  Mo - So 900 am to 500 pm

Information:  0043 4824 25 13

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opening hours:

Mo - So 800 am to 600 PM



0043 676 123 456 7


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